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Statement of Christian Integration
Trinity Valley School of Ballet is dedicated to laying a foundation of excellence through development of the disciplines of classical ballet techniques in a Christian setting. We incorporate Biblical values into classes that are designed to discipline mind, body, and spirit. Our prayer is that students will flourish in a safe class environment, which will inspire them to deepen their commitment to know God and to pursue a life of excellence for His Glory.

Why Ballet?

"I would like to see the Arts...in the service of Him who has given and created them." Martin Luther, July 21, 1540. 

Ballet combines music, dance, drama and design. It builds grace, beauty, confidence and strength. Dance develops a sense of artistry in children, enhances creativity, coordination and balance. It produces self-discipline and agility and heightens an appreciation for music. Only through participation can one really understand a great art. Ballet exercises have been developed over the centuries to train every muscle perfectly; the result is a strong, agile, and graceful young person.

Dance is an expressive gesture and young children possess this feeling of free expression that, when developed early, will remain with them as they continue their dance training. They learn to understand rhythm and music, with the body as an instrument of expression.

Dance as praise and worship to God has been used since ancient times. Dance as a whole, and ballet in particular, has developed into one of the most expressive art forms. It is able to convey a message without words--a message that crosses barriers of language, culture and religion. It can touch every human emotion and experience. As such, it is a universal language and it is only appropriate that it be used to express the most universal of messages--God's love.